What is TeaPartyTracker.com?

With the advent of the Tea Party in early 2009, Americans began the daunting task of retaking their country and their future from the self-serving and powerful government and political establishments. At TeaPartyTracker.com we intend to bring clarity to the political events of the day and how the “grassroots” can best understand their significance.

Our desire is to identify and analyze the actions of individuals, candidates, corporations, and organizations that potentially impact the well-being and freedoms that Americans have traditionally enjoyed.

In these days of “information overload” and sensationalized media, a concise and practical assessment of current events can provide Americans with the tools they need to effectively impact their government.

Stay connected with fellow Tea Partiers across the U.S. and be ready to take action when action is needed.

Stay attuned to the pulse of the Tea Party for 2016 and beyond!


Here are our goals:

Provide a quick scan of current events and their significance.

Give site viewers an immediate visual assessment of benefits or liabilities.

Establish a real time rating system for officials in government and their actions.

Illustrate and encourage Tea Party growth by state.